Its ok, you can confess freely. You don’t really order a Pork Curry do you? You probably haven’t cooked one at home. Well, let us tell you, you’ve been missing out. Luckily we’ve got just the solutions for you!

Like something with a bit of bite and something you can put on in the morning to be ready for when you get home? Jump into our Slow Cooker Pork Madras Curry and thank us later.

Malaysian Rendang curries are a culinary gem. No better way to experience that, than with our Malaysian Pork Rendang Curry.
It’s a tried and trusted favourite for a reason. Thai Green Curry has a fanbase well outside of Asia. Try our Pork Thai Green Curry With Coconut Rice for a different twist.

Looking after the waistline? We’ve got you covered too. Settle into our Grilled Thai Yellow Pork Curry Bowls.

Slow-Cooker Madras Pork Curry
Malaysian Pork Rendang Curry
Thai Green Curry With Coconut Rice
Grilled Thai Yellow Pork Curry Bowls