What is pork shoulder?

Muscles from the shoulder tend to do the most work in a pig and as such can be tougher than other cuts. However, this trait combined with good fat coverage and marbling, makes shoulder cuts perfect for slow cooking pursuits. Slow cooking shoulder cuts results in tender and flavourful meat that you and your family will be sure to enjoy. The meat from a pork shoulder can be diced for curries and stews, and lean off cuts are also often used in mince and sausages.

Often pork shoulder cuts are sold with the skin on and a layer of fat included, like our picnic ham cut for example, which also has the leg bone.

Popular pork shoulder cuts include:

Shoulder hock
The shoulder hock is commonly sold smoked and is perfect for recipes such as pea and ham soup. The fresh pork hock has similar qualities to a lamb shank; connective tissue that breaks down to give the cut a silky mouth feel. It is a perfect cut for slow cooking and provides a unique flavour to a dish. You can buy our pork hock and pork shank cuts in most butchers around Perth and Western Australia.

The riblet is a small, triangle rack of ribs found in the pork shoulder. A layer of meat is left on this cut to create an extra meaty alternative to traditional pork ribs. Riblet is best treated with a rub or marinade; and slow cooked to bring out the most flavour and maximise tenderness. You can buy this cut in most butchers around Perth and Western Australia.

Shoulder Roast
The pork shoulder roast generally comes with the rind on and it can be either bone in or boneless. Because this cut has rind, it is suitable for making roast with crackle. Both the bone in and boneless versions can also be slow cooked for pulled pork. You can buy our pork shoulders from most butchers around Perth and Western Australia. You can also find our Strung Boned and Rolled Shoulder and our Shoulder Cut in 3 in most independent supermarkets.

Where to buy Linley Valley Pork Shoulder, Riblet & Shoulder Roast

At Linley Valley Pork, we supply pork to a range of dedicated stockists within WA. With farms across the south west of Australia, from Albany all the way to Gingin, we aim to produce pork of the highest quality. View our full list of stockists here.

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