Pork Loin Cuts

What is pork loin?

Pork neck, which is also known as collar butt or pork scotch fillet, is found in the top part of the shoulder. It has great marbling and flavour, and unlike other parts of the shoulder, it’s also suitable for frying as a steak. Pork neck is a great cut for roasting, braising and for making pulled pork.

Pork Loin comes from the animal’s back and can be sold bone in or boneless. It is quite a lean and tender part of the animal which means a mild flavour. Cooked correctly, it will be tender, but when overcooked, the lack of fat is not forgiving.

The most popular cuts include:

Striploin is the largest muscle in the loin running along the top line of the pig. It is sometimes referred to as the eye of the loin. It is a boneless and skinless cut that is very lean. Steaks cut from this primal are called loin steaks, eye loin steak or loin medallions. Loin steaks are best pan fried or barbequed.

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The rack is essentially the striploin with the ribs still attached. It can be with or without rind. It is often also referred to as a ribeye or a French trimmed rack. The rack can be sliced between the ribs to create pork cutlets (also known as rib steak). Cutlets are suitable for panfrying and barbequing.

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The Shortloin is the part of the loin that is nearest to the hind leg. It is comprised of the T-shaped bone, the striploin and the largest part of the tenderloin. This primal is most often cut into pork loin chops. It is most suitable for pan frying or barbequing. You can find our famous Linley Valley Pork Loin Chop in most independent supermarkets and butchers in Perth and Western Australia.

The tenderloin, or pork fillet, is tender both by name and by nature; claiming the title of the most tender cut. It is also one of the leanest cuts of pork. It is suitable for cooking in the oven, pan or barbeque. You can find our famous Linley Valley Fillet in most independent supermarkets and butchers in Perth and Western Australia.

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