What is collar butt or pork neck?

Pork neck, which is also known as collar butt or pork scotch fillet, is found in the top part of the shoulder. It has great marbling and flavour, and unlike other parts of the shoulder, it’s also suitable for frying as a steak. Pork neck is a great cut for roasting, braising and for making pulled pork.

Where to buy Linley Valley Pork Neck Cuts

At Linley Valley Pork, we pride ourselves on providing Australian collar butt or pork neck cuts of the highest quality. You can find our Scotch Steak, Whole Collar Butt, Pickled Pork (half collar butt) and our Kansas BBQ Scotch Steak in most independent supermarkets. Try our interactive list of stockists to find a reseller near you.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help you. Contact our experienced team to find out more about pork collar butt or pork neck cuts.