Buying Pork Belly

What is the belly?

The belly is located in the middle of the pig, where the most popular and more valuable cuts come from. The main cuts out of the belly include the famous Pork Belly and the Spare Ribs.

The ever-popular bacon can also be taken from the belly. Bacon is typically pork slices that have been cured or smoked from a boneless belly, particularly in the USA.

After pork belly, the second most popular cut is spare ribs or most commonly called American Style Ribs. The meat found between the ribs is very flavoursome due to the small flecks of fat interspersed in the meat. While they are often used for barbequing, they are also a great cut for slow cooking. In most independent supermarkets you can find our traditional spare ribs or our BBQ plum spare ribs.

What makes pork belly so popular?

Pork belly was less popular in the past, but that changed a decade or so ago when pork belly shot to fame as a popular dish in many trendy restaurants around Australia. The interchanging layers of fat, meat and crisp crackling of the pork belly creates a flavoursome eating experience that remains popular today.

Now, it is one of the most popular cuts of pork meat and is sold at a premium price. The perfect pork belly needs 3 things: crisp crackling, juicy meat and fulsome flavour derived from its natural fats. This gives it plenty of flavour and unique textures when eating.

Pork belly is most often used for:

Pork belly can be roasted either rolled or in large, flat pieces. The belly can also be sliced into strips or rashers that make it perfect for braising, pan frying or barbequing. While pork belly is the perfect centerpiece dish for dinners, it’s also growing more common as a starter or canape food at weddings, events and restaurants. View some of our favourite pork belly recipes here!

Where to buy Linley Valley Pork Belly

Are you wondering where to buy quality pork belly in Perth?
Linley Valley Pork is one of Perth’s most trusted pork belly producers & . You can find our pork belly at a number of supermarkets, restaurants and butchers in WA. If you have any questions, we’re here to help you. Check out our interactive map of resellers to find a supplier near you.

Where can I find a stockist near me?

We provide fresh from the farm as well as free range pork belly to our dedicated stockists. You will find our quality pork belly for sale in most independent supermarkets, butchers and restaurants, not just in Perth, but across Western Australia.

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